Why MYKIDS is a Better Choice than On-line Software

Protecting your investment means, among other things, having access to your data forever! We believe that, regardless of which childcare software solution you choose, it should allow you access to your data even if you terminate your business relationship with the provider of the software. This is one of the reasons why the MYKIDS software is not an on-line application.

The MYKIDS Childcare Management Software is designed to be installed on the system of your choice at your location which means unrestricted access to your data forever! This is the traditional approach to using software and provides you with total control over your data and how it is protected.

In order to help you make a decision that best suits the needs of your organization, it may be helpful for you to consider the pros and cons of on-line software.

Advantages of On-line Software:
  • It is less costly to purchase. Unlike traditional software which is conventionally sold as a perpetual license with an up-front cost and a support agreement, on-line providers generally price applications using a subscription fee, most commonly a monthly or annual fee.

  • Software and data can be accessed from any computer system that has access to the Internet.

  • Software upgrades are done on the provider's server with little intervention required by clients.

  • It is less costly for software developers to roll out upgrades to their clients as only the software on the provider's server has to be upgraded.

  • Backups are primarily the responsibility of the host provider as the data does not reside on the client's system.

Disadvantages of On-line Software:
  • You have no access to your data without Internet access.

  • You have very slow access to your data when you have limited Internet bandwidth and when there is a high transactional volume on the provider's server.

  • Using public computers to check your data can expose your data to fradulent activities.

  • You have no means of verifying what precautions the provider has taken to protect your data. This refers to the protection of their premises and servers as well as their policies governing data access, data retention, data disposal and off-site data storage.

  • If you terminate your subscription, you will not have access to your data.

  • If the provider's server goes down or requires service, you will not have access to your data.

  • If the provider goes out of business, you will not have access to your data.

  • On-line servers accessed by many different external sources have a higher likelihood of being hacked than your own secured in-house computer system.

  • On-line software often lacks many of the state-of-the-art features available with packaged software such as the MYKIDS software.

Do you have permission from your clients to store their data on an on-line server?

Some clients, if not most, may not wish your organization to relinquish their data to a third party, much less have it stored on an on-line server accessed by a multitude of parties.

While parents willingly disclose confidential information to the childcare centre of their choosing, this does not mean that they have granted permission for their data to be stored on-line on a provider's server. This issue has tremendous legal implications should a security breach occur and you don't have signed waivers on file from clients agreeing to the release of data to a third party.

Even if you do, what will the impact be to your business should your clients' highly confidential data be compromised?

On-line software definitely has its place in the Information Technology arena but we feel that, all things considered, in-house resident software, such as the MYKIDS Childcare Management software, remains a better option for the childcare industry.

We encourage you to evaluate the MYKIDS software and compare it to any other software solution.

Thank you for your interest in the MYKIDS Childcare Management Software. The pros and cons of on-line software are worth noting before you take the leap!

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