On-Line Demonstration

Thank you for your interest in the MYKIDS Childcare Management Software, a product
specifically designed for Canadian Childcare Centres, Home Childcare Agencies
and Private Home Childcare businesses.

We can provide you with a full demonstration of the MYKIDS software by way of a
remote access session. It is a convenient way for you and your colleagues to
see a demonstration of our software without having to travel anywhere, download
software or having to wait for us to come to you.

If you would like a demonstration of the MYKIDS Childcare Management Software, please call us at (905) 812-9622 to
arrange a remote access session via the Internet. We initiate a session through a highly secure internet connection and no modifications are made to your system. We can establish a connection between your system and ours within minutes regardless of where you may be located in Canada.

To request a demonstration you can also select the "Download" icon at the bottom of this page.

The demonstration will be provided by a business specialist who is thoroughly familiar with the MYKIDS software and the operational requirements of Canadian Childcare Centres, Home Childcare Agencies as well as Private Home Childcare businesses.

Try the MYKIDS software ...

You can download your FREE evaluation copy of the MYKIDS software right now! No gimmicks, no spam, no adware ... just a great opportunity to try a great product. Just ask some of the many clients who have been using MYKIDS for years.

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