Protecting Your Investment

Software products, regardless of manufacturer, must continue to evolve beyond the version available at the time of purchase. This evolution is indeed what protects an organization's investment in software particularly if the application is designed to meet the unique requirements of an industry.

CompuBase has remained committed to the on-going development of the MYKIDS software to ensure it keeps pace with current and future requirements of the childcare industry. This is one of the reasons why clients who purchased the MYKIDS software back in the 90's still use it today.

CompuBase continues to invest significant resources in the on-going development of the MYKIDS Childcare Management software thereby ensuring that our clients’ investment in the MYKIDS software is protected. Our on-going commitment to research and software development continues to pay dividends with an ever-growing list of modules and features. It also ensures the compatibility of the MYKIDS Software with the latest Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Our latest upgrade to the MYKIDS software released in January 2017 (version 14) is a clear indication of this commitment and marks the twenty-first (21st) major release since 1995. Most competitive products can't claim this longevity and commitment!

Our history of major upgrades released since 1995 is as follows:

Major UpgradesReleased
MYKIDS 1.01995
MYKIDS 2.01996
MYKIDS 3.01997
MYKIDS 4.0 / 5.01998
MYKIDS 6.0 / 6.0A1999
MYKIDS 6.1 / 6.1A2000
MYKIDS 6.2 / 6.32001
MYKIDS 6.4 / 6.52002
MYKIDS 7.02003
MYKIDS 7.12004
MYKIDS 7.22005
MYKIDS 7.32006
MYKIDS 8.02007
MYKIDS 8.12008
MYKIDS 9.02009
MYKIDS 9.12010
MYKIDS 102011
MYKIDS 112012
MYKIDS 122013
MYKIDS 132015
MYKIDS 14January 4, 2017

By subscribing to a MYKIDS Support Services Agreement, our client's investment in the MYKIDS software has always been and continues to be protected. The annual support agreement is an investment that keeps paying dividends.

About our design philosophy ...

Protecting your investment means having access to your data forever! We believe that regardless of which childcare software solution you choose it should allow you access to your data even if you terminate your business relationship with the provider of the software. This is one of the reasons why the MYKIDS software is not an on-line application.

The MYKIDS Childcare Management Software is designed to be installed on the system of your choice at your location, which means unrestricted access to your data forever! This is the traditional approach to using software and provides you with total control over your data and how it is protected.

In order to help you make a decision that best suits the needs of your organization, we thought it would be helpful for you to consider the pros and cons of on-line software. If you require further information please contact CompuBase.

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