Evaluation Copy of the MYKIDS Software

The evaluation copy of the MYKIDS software has no expiry date and there is no maximum number of executions limiting its use. However, the evaluation copy limits the number of children to twenty-five and all reports show the header "This is an unlicensed copy of MYKIDS".

Should you decide to purchase the licensed version of the MYKIDS Childcare Management Software, the header will be replaced with your organization's name. There is no limit on the number of children in the licensed version of MYKIDS. Should you decide not to purchase the MYKIDS software, simply uninstall it from your system.

You will not lose any data when upgrading from the evaluation copy to the licensed version; however, upon your request, we can clear all of the data to ensure a clean start.

The MYKIDS Childcare Management Software is not a freeware, shareware or adware application. Our software is a bonafide business-grade application which is designed, developed and supported by our team of professional software developers.

Pricing for the software and related services is included in the MYKIDS Information Guide accessible in Step 2.

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