MYKIDS is a software package specifically designed to meet the administrative requirements of Canadian Childcare Centres, Home Childcare Agencies as well as Private Home Childcare businesses.

MYKIDS made its debut in 1995 after two years of extensive research and development by a team of childcare professionals and software developers. As a result of our committment to on-going development and to our clients, the MYKIDS Childcare Management Software has evolved into a truly robust, feature-rich and easy-to-use product.

For detailed information on the MYKIDS Childcare Management Software, please view or download your complimentary copy of the MYKIDS Information Guide.

As a leading provider of information technology solutions, CompuBase can offer your organization a complete solution that includes the MYKIDS Childcare Management Software, HP business-class computer systems, training and technical support services.

CompuBase is a service oriented company that delivers on its committment to quality and responsiveness to the childcare industry.




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